WHIPcreamer is a kitchen tool used to create whipped cream or other aerated foams. It typically consists of a canister or container, a nozzle or dispenser head, and a charger holder. The canister is filled with liquid cream, and a gas charger, often containing nitrous oxide (N2O), is inserted into the charger holder. When the gas charger is punctured, the nitrous oxide dissolves into the cream, creating pressure and causing the cream to be expelled through the nozzle, resulting in whipped cream.



SODAsiphon used to carbonate water and create carbonated beverages. It is a pressurized container that allows you to infuse carbon dioxide (CO2) gas into water, creating sparkling or fizzy water. A typical SODAsiphon consists of a bottle-shaped container made of metal or plastic, a head assembly with a pressure control valve, a gas cartridge holder, and a dispensing nozzle. The process involves filling the siphon with chilled water, screwing on the head assembly tightly, inserting a small CO2 gas cartridge into the cartridge holder, and then releasing the gas into the water by turning the pressure control valve. The carbonation process takes place inside the siphon, infusing the water with CO2 and creating carbonated water.


charger is typically made of steel and is about 2.5 inches (6.3 cm) long. It has a narrow end that is punctured by the whipper's dispenser or charger holder.Use any type of charger, it is inserted into the charger holder of a whipper, and then the charger is punctured to release the gas into the canister.